Our Story

Fresh.  Fierce.  Forever.


Florisian Boutique was co-founded by Rafaella and Irina, two exquisite women who want to bring more glamour and fashion into the flower world. The idea was quite simple to make every man, woman, and couple one step closer to love and happiness by delivering our luxurious and high-quality roses.

With a tenacious devotion to luxury and high quality, we have curated high-quality roses in the U.S. that will last one year.

We don’t just stop there, our floral design specialist works hard to bring luxury in every shape and form, to your flowers. We have worked meticulously to create posh arrangements; by scrapping the dull old vases and created a luxurious box that can be personalized. 

Florisian Boutique concept is very simple! We know we can’t create miracles but we can brighten your loved one’s day by our luxurious and high-quality roses. 

Florisian Boutique has created luxurious rose arrangements in the U.S., where every rose/bouquet is high quality and personalized to perfection.